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Built in Oven

Add a Classy Look to your Kitchen

Microwave cooking with Nagold’s range of ovens is now not only quick and healthy, but with its new, improved technology cooking is now also more precise as it is electronically regulated.

Combi Microwave Oven

Ovens Cook a Wide Variety of Foods

Essentially, a Combi Microwave enables you to carry out all basic microwave tasks, together with grilling, baking and all other facilities that a regular kitchen oven provides you with.

Microwave with Grill

Bigger is Definitely Better

When it comes to capacity, bigger is definitely better. It’s convenient for large families, or anybody who wants to get the most out of a standard built-in oven.

Convection Microwave

The Perfect Blend

With the combination function, now you can accelerate the pace of cooking, by adding more heat inside the cavity.

Combi Steam Oven

Healthiest Form of Cooking

Today there is an enormous cultural emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle. Steam cooking is the healthiest form of cooking.

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