Dough Kneading Function

The precise kneading movement results in soft doughs (no less than a hand kneaded dough) for fluffy breads or soft chapattis. Thanks planetary movement of the Hafele Power mixers gives the consistent kneading result !

Whipping / Whisker Function

Get the perfect peak for your cake icings and icecreams with the Hafele power mixers that can mix small to large quantities with a finesse ! Now make merengue and cake mixes in no time !

Beater Function

The precise confriguration of the beater mixes batters at a constant speed and regular pace resulting in a homogeneous texture; highly desired for dosa or steamed cake batters.


As a unique feature the Kitchen Machine also doubles up as a blender for that ideal smoothie, shake or puree – giving you all required functions in one machine.

Vegetable Slicing,Chopping and

various blade confrigurations provide flexibility in chopping vegetables i even shapes and sizes (unlike hand chopped vegetables which may be uneven) and that too in a fraction of the time you would have spent doing this manually.

Sausage Maker

Enjoy the benefits of the heavy duty metal mincer for precise meat mincing or sausage stuffing.

Kitchen Machine

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